Welcome to Memory Keepers

The Memory Keepers Medical Discovery Team is focused on collaborative research to improve dementia outcomes in Indigenous and rural communities. Led by Dr. Kristen Jacklin, the team will work to preserve brain health through collaborative, community-based research with rural and Indigenous partners. The origin of the name,” Memory Keepers” Medical Discovery Team is significant. In many American Indian cultures, respected adults and elders of the tribe are responsible for preserving sacred medicine bundles, songs, and stories. In this spirit, the research to preserve brain health will enable American Indian communities to continue to benefit from the wisdom of their adults and elders far into the future.


Transformative research for brain health equity.


Our mission is to engage Indigenous and rural communities in culturally meaningful research to improve dementia and brain health outcomes for all.

Core Values

Strengths-based lens

Two-eyed seeing

Team science

Community-based participatory research

Four R’s of research: Respect, Relevance, Reciprocity, Responsibility