More Information on CERDAR

CERDAR researchers use community-based approaches to engage rural communities in projects to help address the high prevalence of dementia, and dementia care needs in rural Northern Minnesota. Over the long term, our plans are to expand to other regions in rural Minnesota. Initial data from these projects will help with the development of a larger research grant aiming to develop and examine interventions that could help improve early dementia screening, diagnosis, and quality of life for rural Minnesotans who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD).

This research is important because Minnesota’s population is getting older and rural areas, on average, have a larger number of older adults. Estimates say in 20 years people over 65 will outnumber people under 18 in the state for the first time. Compared to Wisconsin, Iowa, and North and South Dakota, Minnesota is expected to have the largest increase in people with dementia. This will present many challenges for the people diagnosed with dementia and their families, particularly in rural Minnesota.


Our work is guided by a Rural Research Advisory Group as well as a Community Advisory Groups (CAG) based in Northern Minnesota. The CAG includes a team of local health and community members with expertise in dementia, and dementia care needs. If you’d like to learn more about our Community Advisory Group, please click here.


Memory Keepers and the CERDAR Team wouldn’t be where we are today without the collaboration and support of our many partners. To highlight a few: