Researcher 1 – Northwest MN (350367)

Researcher 1 – Northwest MN (350367)

(Job Posting ID: 350367)


Job Title: Researcher 1 – CERDAR Community Researcher

Northwest MN

Job Code: 8352R1

Job Posting Number: 350367

Required qualifications:
-Education and experience (minimum bachelor’s degree with 2 years’ experience) to equal 6 years
-Ability to travel, valid Minnesota Driver’s License

Preferred qualifications:
-Ability to work both independently and as part of a collaborative team
-Education and experience (MSc, MSW or MA) with 2 years’ experience
-Experience working with older adults

-Knowledge or experience of aging/dementia networks in the region

-Experience in outreach activities with communities, and health, volunteer, or social service organizations

-Experience working with people living with dementia and/or their caregiver

Ability to schedule appointments and work in person, by phone, or via Zoom

The Memory Keepers Medical Discovery Team – Health Equity (MK-MDT) the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus, conducts community-based research concerning healthy aging, brain health, dementia and caregiving in rural and Indigenous communities. The MK-MDT has obtained funding to establish a Center for Community Engaged Rural Dementia and Alzheimer’s Research (CERDAR). The CERDAR project is led by Drs. Kristen Jacklin and Wayne Warry of the MK-MDT. The focus of CERDAR is to better understand the lived experiences of people with dementia and their caregivers living in rural areas. This research is guided by a Community Advisory Group.

The MK-MDT is hiring two community-based researchers who would reside and work in Northwest Minnesota, within the Dancing Sky Area Agency on Aging region. These individuals will work collaboratively with a CERDAR Community-based researcher in the Northeast and with MK-MDT staff in Duluth. This position is a full- time, renewable one-year contract. The Community Researcher will assist in community engagement activities in the Northwest to raise awareness of the CERDAR and MK-MDT mission, and research projects. The successful candidate will have key responsibilities for recruiting research participants, conducting interviews, focus groups and surveys. The percent time on community engagement and community research are expected to fluctuate based on project needs. The MK-MDT will provide training in Community-Based Participatory Research and specific research methods for the successful candidate. The successful candidate will understand health services and health care delivery in rural areas and will undertake specific research activities and ensure timely completion of deliverables.

Key responsibilities include
-Community engagement through meetings and community events to raise awareness of the CERDAR and MK-MDT

-Recruit research participants and assist in enrolling them in specific research projects
-Serve as a liaison between researchers, community members, partners, and organizations
-Conduct key informant interviews and facilitate focus groups with the assistance of the research coordinator
-Be involved in all aspects of the research process including relationship building, recruitment, data collection and analysis
-Assist with data analysis and dissemination of results
-Contribute to research articles, manuscripts and reports
-Ensure secure storage of research data and documentation

Apply at the University of Minnesota Office of Human Resources website:

Twitter @MemoryKeeperMDT


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